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November 18, 2008

Cartogrpahical Conundrums

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Today in school we embarked on our journey of learning about the Age of Exploration. We examined several very old maps from the 1480s up to the 1600s and compared the information on those maps with the maps in modern atlases. We posed questions and identified problems with each map and then thought about what insights into the minds of explorers each map gives us. It is quite interesting to see what geography was known and recorded at the time. Click on the name of each map to find out more information about it.

Ptolymey’s World Map 1482


The Cantino Map 1502


The Caverio Map 1505


Waldseemüller World Map 1507


We also spent some time to give students a chance to share poetry with the class. Thank you very much to all those who shared, from those who read short comedic pieces, to those who wrote their own, or even in one case sang. Today was the day the Introduction to Poetry Packet was due, and unfortunately despite check-ins and lots of notice, a number of students did not complete the entire assignment. In the future, please encourage students to keep up with projects. Students had 6 days to complete 3 assignments, and space to schedule their work on the packet. It is important that students learn to manage their time and plan their work, especially in preparation for Jr. High when there will not be as much structure or support.

Tonight students have vocabulary homework with the words for this week using the suffixes -ian, -ist, -or, and -er. The 6 words we are focusing on are: guardian, finalist, specialist, decorator, believer, and Australian. If you see words with those suffixes in books, magazines or articles that you are reading, make sure to share them with your children.


  1. Language Arts: Vivid Vocabulary word lists. Copy words from the word sort and write additional words with the matching suffixes.
  2. Mathematics: Study Link Page 69
  3. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out the pink reading log.

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