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October 15, 2008

Rolling and Rounding

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Today we rolled a ball when we played kickball in PE and rounded numbers in Math when we created magnitude estimates.  We had our short Wednesday in the classroom due to P.E. and Science, but we still managed to work a bit with reciprocal teaching and to get some reading in.

Welcome to any new visitors to the site today.  I’ve sent out a couple notifications about the blog, but I had students write the address on their homework log today so perhaps their will be some new people checking out the blog.  If you are new, check back over the past couple weeks to learn more about what we have been up to in class.

For Math homework tonight, students will be finding magnitude estimates of large multiplication problems.  Rounding numbers can help us to estimate answers to problems that are a little tricky to do in our heads.  For a quick review on rounding numbers, follow this link.  If you would like to quiz yourself with some extra practice on rounding or working with place value, follow this link.   On the homework, make sure to round the numbers first to create a math problem that you can easily do in your head.

We took some time today to review procedures for filling out Reading Logs.  Students will only be responsible for filling our the pink reading logs for Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Make sure that students have their logs and a writing implement ready when they are reading so they can fill out all sections of their log as they read.


  1. Mathematics: Page 39: Magnitude estimates.
  2. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and write in the pink reading log.

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