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March 22, 2010

Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mí

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Today we began our week of learning about Cesar Chavez to coincide with the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning coming up.  Each day we will spend some time learning about the life and work of Cesar Chavez as we lead up to our Friday assembly when several classes will educate about and pay tribute to the life and legacy of Chavez.  Our class will be singing and telling about the song De Colores.  De Colores is a traditional song originally from Spain that has been adopted by the United Farm Workers as a common anthem sung at their meetings and rallies. You can find the tune and the lyrics to the song, in both Spanish and English at this website.  Today, the students read short biographies about Cesar Chavez, categorized some of the information we learned about him, and had a discussion about his work with migrant farm workers. Tomorrow we will spend some time reading some autobiographical passages from people who were involved with the UFW and their memories of singing De Colores.

In vocabulary this week, the roots are bene- good, mal- bad, ante- before, and post- after.  We did our sort today and learned about some of the words with the roots.  An interesting fact I learned today was about the etymology of the disease name, malaria.  Malaria literally comes from roots meaning “bad air,” because when it was initially diagnosed it was thought to be spread through the air. What interesting words do you know with the roots of the week?  Take a look over at the online Etymology Dictionary to learn more about their creation.

In Mathematics we finished up our work with finding the area of triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms.  We practiced accurately measuring heights and bases and applying the formulas.

Here is an online activity for practicing finding the area of a triangle that is plotted on a coordinate grid.  Level 1 will give only right triangles, level 2 will give different types of triangles where you might have to turn the triangle to get the base and you will have to be careful when identifying the height.


  1. Vocabulary: Sort
  2. Mathematics: Areas of triangles and parallelograms worksheet
  3. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and fill out prediction section in reading log
  4. Mathematics (Due Wednesday): Bring in an empty can or box from your house.  We will be using these things for an activity finding volume and surface area.

Mr. Weis


November 9, 2009

The first quarter of our week is already over

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Today was the first quarter of another 4 day week. Wow, time is racing by quickly!  On Wednesday, there will be a school holiday in honor of Veterans Day.  Because we have a short week, we are not going to start a new vocabulary set.  We took the test today for last week’s words, and throughout this week, we will focus on some mini-lessons on commonly misused homophones.

In Mathematics, we are continuing to work with triangles.  Today, students began work on their triangle posters. Each student is creating a poster on which they will measure all the angles and sides of a triangle, prove that the interior angles add up to 180 degrees, and classify they triangle by both sides and angles.

For a quick review on classifying triangles by angles and sides, follow this link. You can put your mouse over one of the types of triangles, and a triangle will appear that matches that classification.  When you are finished reading and looking at them, quiz yourself by matching the given triangles to the correct classifications.

Classifying Triangles

Also, you can check out a whole set of activities about classifying triangles on the website Study Stack.  There are options to use flashcards, a study stack, a study table, a matching game, a hangman game, a crossword, a scramble, a fill in the blank, and a bug match game.  Each activity has to do with the definitions for the different types of triangle classifications.  Keep in mind that this study stack also includes equiangular triangles which are triangles with all 3 equal angles.

Study Stack

In Marin Headlands field trip fund raising news, we made another $270 this weekend at another successful bake sale.  Thanks so much to all the parents and students who helped out.  Also, we are having our BAM Cafe this Thursday, November 12th from 4:30 to 6:30.  Volunteer sign-up notices were sent out last week, and a few still need to be returned.  Make sure to bring them back tomorrow.  The event will happen in the upstairs hallway and we will be offering tastings and selling the cookbook.  Make sure to get ingredients ready to be able to make your dish for Thursday. Also, please return checks for parent contributions to the field trip fund this week.  Thanks!


  1. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and fill out 2 predictions.  Make sure to cite evidence.
  2. Mathematics: Practice Set 21 – Naming angles, division practice, and exponent practice.

Mr. Weis

November 12, 2008

Don’t know what to measure to make a congruent triangle? Try the angles.

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It was great to be back after such an extended weekend and have such a pleasant morning. We had our busy, busy Wednesday schedule today, complete with P.E. and Science. In P.E. students ran the mile again, with some students showing some real improvement in effort over last week. In Science students have been working with the laptops to create power point presentations about Solubility, Evaporation and Absorption. Did you know that Ms. Green, the science teacher, has a blog too? You can check it out at

In the classroom we worked on finishing up our headline poems. They will soon be on display in the hallway to adorn the rather sad looking and barren walls. I also passed out a homework packet today to work us into the poetry writing unit. As part of the packet, students are responsible for completing 3 assignments including an interview, a memoir, and preparation for sharing a poem to the class. The entire packet with all 3 assignments is due Tuesday, November 17th, and I will be checking progress on Friday. Make sure that students are creating a plan to work on a part of the packet each day and that they are keeping up with it. Let’s all help build good work habits and do our best to make certain the terrible beast of procrastination is kept at bay.

In mathematics today we discussed congruent shapes and different kinds of triangles. We learned about equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles and scalene triangles. Here is a website with definitions of the three types of triangles, information about the roots of the words we use to name the different kinds of triangles, and a neat web application that allows you to make your own triangles. We also spent a little time today talking about congruent triangles and angles and how to create a congruent shape with a protractor and a ruler.

In an exciting turn of events, we are going to be foregoing our usual Friday afternoon plans to attend the opening Womens’ basketball game of the season at Cal. After lunch we will take a walk over to the campus to eat lunch and then attend the game. Free posters and other goodies will be available, so there is no need to bring any money. Please send children with a sack lunch. If it is not possible to arrange for a sack lunch, let me know and lunch will be provided.  Also, we have a couple spots still open for chaperons, so if you would like to come along, just let me know as soon as possible.


  1. Language Arts: Begin Poetry Packet (Due Tuesday November 18)
  2. Mathematics: Page 61 Angles and Triangles Review
  3. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and complete an entry on your pink reading log.
  4. Other: Bring back a signed permission slip for the field trip on Friday.

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