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November 19, 2008

Bonzer mate, a fair dinkum audience today

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(That means “great job friend, a genuinely good audience today” in Australian slang.  Australian is one of our vocabulary words this week, so I thought I would throw in a little flavor from down under into the blog today.  Many of the students acted as a very respectful audience during both poetry reading and science power point presentations today.)

Today rushed by quite quickly.  Students finished presenting their poems that they brought in and we worked on our first drafts of our color poems.  In mathematics we reviewed the homework and how to use what we know about right angles, adjacent and opposite angles to find a missing internal angle in a polygon without using a protractor.  We also discussed finding the total amount of degrees in an internal angle by dividing a shape into triangles.  Here is a description of the process that we used. Tonight for homework, students will complete a chart and identify a pattern between the number of sides and the amount of internal degrees in a polygon.


  1. Language Arts:  Write a short story with the 6 vocabulary words we are studying this week.  Students are also allowed to write a poem as long as the lines of the poem show that they understand what the word means and how it can be used.
  2. Mathematics:  Page 94, angle measures in polygons.
  3. Reading:  Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log.

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