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December 15, 2008

If N = the number of school days left until vacation… Or … Welcome to Pre-Algrebra

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What is the value of 20 x N? (answer at the end of the blog)

As we embark further into the world of algebra, here is a comic to enjoy.


Today in mathematics, we spent a little more time with some pre-algebra work with variables. We solved 2 step variable problems by first calculating the value of a variable by performing a simple operation, and then plugging that value into an expression to get a final answer. Students did a great job applying some of the mental math strategies we have discussed as we solved some problems. The students also began prepping supplies for a new math game they will be playing tomorrow. On Wednesday, we will have a review session and on Thursday we will have the Unit test for chapter 4. Some students will receive extra division practice over the next couple days to help them prepare.

Do you have children sitting around saying I’m bored? If so, keep an eye on the blog this week. I’ll be posting links to different games and activities that they can do online that will reinforce work that we are doing in class. Today I’ll provide 2 math links. The first one is to a simple find the variable math game. The game requires students to quickly work out multiplication problems and then solve for a variable with the results. Here it is, see how high a score you can get. The second link leads to a series of math puzzles wrapped up in a quirky science fiction story. The site is titled Absurd Math and the problems build on pre-algebra skills. Make sure to click on the different characters and objects to get all the clues.

In reading, students began their new historical fiction books today. Some groups will begin to have nightly reading and homework for their book, while other groups are doing more in-class work at this point in time. Students may count reading their Literature Circle books towards their nightly reading on their reading log.

This week our vocabulary words are focused on pairs of similar words with short and long vowel sounds. We will be looking into the effects of different suffixes on vowel pattern sounds.


  1. Language Arts: Vocabulary long and short vowel worksheet.
  2. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out independent reading log.
  3. Other: (Literature circle groups) Read section 1 of your book and prepare Discussion Director page.

Mr. Weis

(N = number of school days left = 4. 20 x 4 = 80. The solution is 80)


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