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October 9, 2008

Reciprocal Review, Rethinking Regions in Research, and Rechecking Writing

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What do all, well, most of the words (region comes from the root regere- to rule, and writing is just alliteration,) in the title have in common? The prefix re-. Today we spent some more time with prefixes and did a sort of words with the prefixes dis-, un-, re- and mis-. Students sorted the words, we discussed common elements of the words meanings, and we came up with a definition for the prefix. We also took a look in the dictionary and discovered voluminous lists of words with common prefixes.

Students received Reciprocal Teaching bookmarks today and we began our discussion about what Reciprocal Teaching is. Follow the link to read a short overview of Reciprocal Teaching. Reciprocal Teaching will be one model that is used in the class with small groups. All the work on Summarizing, Predicting, Questioning and Clarifying will be put into action as students are given increased responsibility to put these strategies in effect to increase comprehension.

We also continued with some research on Native Americans as students researched Native American Tribes from different regions of North America. Students guided their research with a specific goal and worked to increase their understanding of how natural resources contributed to the development of different Native American cultures.


  1. Language Arts: Word Sort Short Story. This must be read to you and signed as part of a post writing checklist.
  2. Mathematics: Study Link Page 31.
  3. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and write in your reading log. Signed reading logs are due tomorrow.
  4. Homework log. Students are to return a signed copy of the green homework log tomorrow.

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