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October 16, 2008

Lettuce or Lattice? Well, actually neither one of those.

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Today in Math we learned a new algorithm for doing multiplication. The word sounds like lettuce, but it is actually lattice. The algorithm is a little like a lattice in a garden in that it involves straight diagonal lines, but it is quite different in that it is used to multiply numbers and not support vines. The algorithm involves lining up the factors around boxes, multiplying each digit, and then adding up totals along a diagonal axis for each place value. For an example, follow this link. Written publication of the lattice algorithm actually dates all the way back to the 13th century (1202) when Leonardo Fibonacci wrote Liber Abaci and explained the lattice algorithm for multiplication that he had learned based on Arabic numerals. Tomorrow we will be delving more into why and how the lattice algorithm works and how place value factors into it.

In Language Arts, Ms. Isreal came in to do an activity using short segments of a newspaper article and connecting lines of text with strong sensory details. Students used their imagination and clues in the given text to produce their own connecting sentences and fill in the gaps of the story.

For homework tonight, student’s will work on planning their final memoir to begin a rough draft on tomorrow. We have talked and written about different memoir topics from our childhood imagination to learning how to do something to food, parties and important family members. This will be their chance to pick their own memory to write about. Encourage them to think about memories that stand out to them. If they get stuck it might be a great opportunity to break out the family photo album or some home video to spur some ideas. Students will be filling out a graphic organizer of their choice. I made several choices available and also left it open for students to create their own graphic organizer to help plan. For some links to some other kinds of graphic organizers, click here or here.

One quick note about the Sally Foster fundraiser. Thanks to all the students who brought in orders. If there are any more orders out there, send them in tomorrow. It’s your last chance to get it in before they are sent out!


  1. Language Arts: Graphic Organizer Planning for a Memoir.
  2. Mathematics: Study Link Book Page 43: The Lattice Multiplication Algorithm.
  3. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and write in pink reading log.

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