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September 29, 2008

Roots last week, moving on to trees this week

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After learning about square roots last week, we coincidentally moved on to factor trees today. A factor tree breaks down a number into all of its prime factors. For numbers with a lot of factors, it looks a little like a tree when it is completed. Follow the link to play a little game involving factor trees.

In Language Arts we used Mad Libs and some fill in the blank sentences as we continued to explore clarification and context clues. For homework, students will find interesting or challenging words from their nightly reading and then attempt to find another word that can be substituted into the sentence to help clarify the meaning.

In other news, the book order deadline has been extended to Friday. Make sure to send in the book orders as soon as possible.


  1. Language Arts: Word Clarification and Substitution page.
  2. Reading: Read for at least 20 minutes and fill out reading log.
  3. Mathematics: Factor tree practice sheet. (Don’t forget to add your own on the back.

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