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October 6, 2008


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Welcome to Monday and a brand new week. Today the students had their first time with a substitute as I stepped out for a short meeting. I received a glowing report back from the sub, so thanks to all the students that put in the extra effort to insure a smooth morning for all.

In Math we continued to work with the concept of estimation. We have been discussing when it is a good time to estimate and strategies for making a good estimation: breaking down the problem in steps, putting the problem in perspective, and thinking about the type of unit to use. If you find yourself making estimations, be they mileage, time, amounts of ingredients or anything else, involve your children and key them as you think out loud to explain your process for making a good estimation.

For Language Arts the students transformed a comic they were working on into a written piece. They used a checklist to monitor their work and especially to make sure they were using dialogue and descriptive language in each part of their writing. Planning and self-monitoring are two elements of writing that we will be working hard to strengthen through visiting and revisiting our own metacognitive strategies.


  1. Language Arts: Finish writing three paragraphs from comic. (Some students completed this in class.)
  2. Language Arts: Steps 1,2, and 3 on Word Detectives Worksheet. Students will find a word to clarify and create a sentence that other students will use tomorrow to fill-in-the-blank with a good substitution word.
  3. Mathematics: Estimation worksheet. Optional extension: make a list of all the things you might have to estimate if you are going on a long trip.
  4. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log. Make sure your child records the date and pages read each day. Also make sure that they do a 2 sentence summary.

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