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March 15, 2010

Monday March 15

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This week in vocabulary we are focusing on the roots inter-, intra-, intro-, and circum-.  Today we did our word sort and the students made predictions about the meanings of each of the roots.  We discovered that the term intramural comes from the roots intra- meaning within, and mural meaning wall.  Literally the term translates to within the walls, which makes sense as a intramural sport league is composed entirely of members from within the same school building.  The students also looked for some other words that share the roots and probably my favorite of the group was circumambulate which means to walk around the perimeter of something.  I’ll have to find a way to incorporate that one into the day sometime this week.

In math we wrapped up coordinate grids and ordered pairs and are moving on to finding the area of 2 dimensional shapes.

The students did quite well on the last quiz, but here is a bit of background on ordered pairs.  Ordered pairs are sets of an X and Y coordinates that correspond to a specific point on a Coordinate Grid.  For some more information about how to use an ordered pair to name a point, follow this link.Also, here are a few games that involve graphing ordered pairs.

In What’s the Point, you can choose between different difficulty levels and pick ordered pairs from multiple choice lists.  The easier version involves only positive X and Y coordinates and the higher difficulty level involves all 4 quadrants and both positive and negative X and Y values.

What's the Point?

In Graph It, there are three different difficulties to choose from.  A mole pops up at a point on the graph, and you have to identify the ordered pair to knock the mole out before it eats.

Graph Mole
In Catch the Fly, you identify points that flies land on by typing in the ordered pairs.  Once you type in the correct pair, a frog will hop out and slurp it up.  As opposed to the other games that have the player pick from a multiple choice list, Catch the Fly requires the player to type in the coordinates.



  1. Vocabulary: Sort
  2. Mathematics: Study Link 9-4 – Find the area
  3. Language Arts: Finish Sign of the Beaver Chapter 15 page if not already finished in class.
  4. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and complete predictions in reading log.

Mr. Weis


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