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March 2, 2010

Conflicting Conflicts Create Clarity

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Vocabulary words this week focus on the roots ling/lang (language), psych (Greek – mind), mem (Latin – mind), and voc (voice).  The focus words of the week are advocate, commemorate, linguist, memento, provoke, psyche, psychology, and vocation.

In Reading we are continuing along with Sign of the Beaver.  The students had a pop-quiz last week Friday where they were given a variety of questions including explicit or in-the-text questions requiring specific information in the book as well as inferential or in-your-head questions that require higher order thinking skills with info drawn from the book.  Students were also asked about big picture questions about things like what they thought the major conflict of the story was.  A common theme in both our reading and writing this year has been a focus on conflicts.  The students were all able to pull conflicts from the book, but some wrote about relatively minor conflicts.

So, in response to the assessment, we did a little activity yesterday where students wrote 4 different conflicts from the book so far and then met in groups to do some work sorting and evaluating those conflicts.  Students were asked to sort conflicts by who actually owned the problem.  We discussed how conflicts may connect to minor or major characters and how sometimes the people involved in the actual action are not the ones who really suffer the consequences of the conflict.  The groups also sorted conflicts that were resolved or unresolved.  This lead to some good discussion on differences between between minor and major conflicts and how we can surmise the importance of some conflicts to the main plot arc by looking for conflicts that appear early and persist throughout much of the text.  Today the students spent some of the time reading, and we also had a brief discussion on how authors can explore time in a story with descriptions of the setting and in turn show the passing of time rather then tell the reader directly about it.


  1. Vocabulary: Definitions and CLOZE
  2. Math: Study Link 7-8 pg 159 Adding negative and positive numbers
  3. Language Arts:  Book report due on Thursday
  4. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and fill out questioning section in reading log

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