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January 28, 2010

Bye Bye Love + Bio, Gen, Mort + Twilight = Good Times

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Today in class we had a little fun with our vocabulary time since we finished with all our sentences yesterday.  I taught the students the old Everly Brothers song Bye Bye Love and presented them with some extra verses incorporating some of the vocabulary words from this week.  While I was thinking about what angle to take the song, I realized that all the teenagey, lovesick pining leant a nice connection to the Twilight books that many students in the class are familiar with.  I provided a few verses and the students completed a CLOZE activity with the lyrics by inserting the weekly voabulary words.  We then came together to collaborate on a final verse incorporating the last of the vocabulary words. We may not have been the most in tune bunch, but plenty of smiles surfaced, and we got to flex our lexical muscles incorporating such words as mortgage, amphibious, biodegradable, immortal, and mortician into a love song from the perspective of a heartbroken vampire.

In reading we read the first chapter of the book Sign of the Beaver.  The students did a nice job recording some of their active reading skills on post-its while they read, filling in a comprehension graphic organizer, answering some comprehension questions, and working through a quick discussion.  I stayed at school pretty late tonight grading and providing a lot of feedback on their Chapter 1 pages, and I look forward to seeing some more positive progress on the response to literature front over the next couple weeks.  We will be kicking things into high gear as we reach the halfway point of the year and expectations continue to rise in terms of what I expect from all students’ work.  Let’s keep up the positive encouragement and the constructive feedback on both the home and school fronts.

In social studies we began our new unit with a lesson on conflicts that arose in North America between the Spanish, British, Dutch, France, and the American Indians over natural resources and raw materials, land, and trading. Students then took turns adding to a digital outline to bring together some notes from our reading.


  1. Vocabulary: Study words and finish packet
  2. Mathematics: Quick fractions to decimals worksheet
  3. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and fill out reading log

Mr. Weis


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