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January 27, 2010

Outlining Outlines

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On Wednesdays we have our regularly scheduled computer time, and today we did some work learning an outlining strategy using Microsoft Word.  As we move further into the year, we will increase both the frequency and depth of our note-taking using a variety of different strategies and tools.  Today the students practiced writing and formatting an outline by using numbering and bullets in a word processor.  In some ways composing an outline on the computer is helpful for the students because it allows them to consistently update, add to, and edit what they have previously written.  Next week the students will apply the same outlining strategy to some articles from online publications.  Below you will see a screen capture of the Formatting Palette, the panel from which the students have learned several formatting and organizational skills.  The important area today was the Bullets and Numbering section.

In reading we are transisitioning our reading block to work with novels.  While the students have been consistently reading novels for their independent reading, so far this year the focus during group reading instruction has been on explicitly teaching the reading comprehension strategies of predicting, questioning, clarifying, summarizing, and connecting.  We have worked with short stories and excerpts to articulate and make our thinking visible.  As we transition to novels, we will read the book Sign of the Beaver together in the class.  Recently we have been working on articulating some of our thinking while we read by using little post-it notes to cite evidence that prompts us to use one of the comprehension strategies.  If you start getting requests for post-it notes or seeing them popping out of the pages of your child’s books, take a moment to ask about them.  These activities are also setting the groundwork preparing the students for discussion groups and literature circles.


  1. Vocabulary: Sentences
  2. Language Arts: Finish Final Draft of New Years Resolution Essay
  3. Mathematics: Study Link 5.5 page 101
  4. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and complete reading log

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