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January 25, 2010

Further Functions of Fractions

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Well, it is almost a week since my last post, and it is still raining!  We can only hope that all this rain and the snow in the mountains will serve us well into the next summer and maybe eek us out of the drought we have recently been living in here in California.  I apologize for not getting in any more posts last week, but I had a very busy week with a PTA Executive Board meeting on Wednesday and a presentation at the Incoming Kindergarten Night on Thursday.  On another note, I am still collecting pictures from the Marin Headlands trip, so if you haven’t sent them in yet, please try to do it soon.

This week our vocabulary is based around the three roots geo, mort, and bio.  The focus words of the week are mortal, progeny, generic, genre, mortician, mortgage, amphibious, and biodegradable.  Please make sure your child is practicing writing and using the words throughout the week, especially if he or she has been getting low score on the vocabulary tests recently.

In mathematics we are continuing our work with fractions.  Last week we worked on simplifying fractions and ordering fractions through making a common denominator for two different fractions and then comparing the numerator.  In Math on Thursday, we used the computers and students used a really neat online fraction game that you can find here. The program requires the student to create three equal fractions through modeling those fractions on squares.  The models visually represent both the numerator and the denominator as well as put the fraction on a number line.

This week we will continue on with fractions and equalities while we add another dimension of setting fractions and decimals equal to each other.  Today students practiced getting a denominator to 10, 100, or 1000 in order to easily change a fraction to a decimal value.  Later this week we will bring percents into the mix as another concept related to ratios that can be represented with a fraction and a decimal value.

In writing we are finishing up the New Year’s Resolution essays.  We worked with a basic 5 paragraph essay format including an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.  We further broke down the paragraphs into parts and stressed the importance of a clear thesis and defined topic sentences.  We will have a Response to Literature pre-assessment later this week and will continue to work with a 5 paragraph format with our Response to Literature essays.


  1. Vocab: Sort
  2. Language Arts: If not completed in class – Finish New Year’s Essay draft and complete peer edit.
  3. Math: Fractions and Decimals worksheet
  4. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and complete predictions.
  5. Drama: Bring props in and work on memorizing lines.

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