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December 15, 2009

Unearthing Greek Roots

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In Vocabulary today, we learned the meanings of some Greek roots including geo- earth, therm- heat, logy- study, scope- see, and meter- measure.  Through applying our knowledge of these and other roots, we were able to dissect some current and past vocabulary words.  Students were able to see a thermometer as a measure of heat, geography as writing the earth, and geometry as measuring the earth.  You might have noticed that this week we have also included a couple math vocabulary words with perimeter (peri meaning around and meter meaning measure) and diameter (dia meaning across and meter meaning measure).  One of our hopes is to integrate vocabulary words from other subjects into our normal vocabulary in order to further develop understanding of the roots, construction, and meanings of these words.

We had drama today with Opera Piccola, and we had a short lesson on casting and then discussed the different roles students will be able to take on in the final performance.  The final performance will include several scenes based on contemporary issues that young people face, a scene from a Native American folktale, some poetry, and prose.  I’ll update you as we practice and work on the performance schedule.

In Math today we continued some work with division review and played a game called Divisibility Dash.  In this game, students take turns using cards from their hand as a dividend with a given divisor.  Each time a student is able to correctly form a dividend that is evenly divisible by the given divisor, they get points.  While the game required a little more deep thinking than Division Dash, the students did a great job of putting effort in and taking the mathematical elements of the game seriously.  If you would like a copy of the directions for either of these games, let me know.  They are possible to be played with an ordinary card deck, and they are great for building number sense and exercising mental math abilities.

In Social Studies, the students finished presenting their projects and then began a scavenger hunt that I created about the different explorers.  Students used each others posters to find countries of origin, places explored, key terms, and interesting facts.  It was fun to walk around the room with them and watch them attempt to put each other’s projects to the test as functional informational resources.


  1. Vocabulary: Definitions and CLOZE
  2. Mathematics: Practice Set 26
  3. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and fill out questioning section of Reading Log.
  4. Other: Work on Book Report character project – Due on Friday, December 18

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