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December 9, 2009

Technical Difficulties

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I had some issues with the internet at my house last night so I was unable to make a post.  I’ll do a quick post this morning with a short piece on vocabulary and a list of the homework. Hopefully everything will be fixed by this evening.

In class we explored the literal meaning and origin of the roots of the week.  We learned that photo means light, graph means to write or record, phon means sound, and tele means from a distance.  When we put these together, we can deduce the meanings of many words.  Telegraph becomes to write from a distance, telephone becomes sound from a distance, and television becomes to see from a distance.  We also noticed the root syn/sym in a couple of the words. Syn or sym mean to bring together.  This knowledge allows us to figure out that a symphony brings together many sounds, and photosynthesis means bringing together light.  We can apply the knowledge of these common roots to many other words.  As you go about your day today, keep your eyes and ears peeled looking for other words with the roots of the week.


  1. Mathematics: Study Link – Estimate and Calculate Quotients
  2. Vocabulary: Definitions and CLOZE
  3. Social Studies: Work on Explorer Project (Due next Monday)
  4. Reading: Read and fill out questioning reading log entry.

Mr. Weis


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