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December 7, 2009

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In Vocabulary this week, we are working with the Greek roots tele, phon, photo, and graph. Stay tuned tomorrow for the focus words of the week and some etymology.

In Reading, the students began reading a story called Arrows about a girl who follows some clues as she tries to discover their meaning and eventually comes across a cryptogram.  Cryptogram’s are puzzles that require a cipher, or key, to solve.  Check out this little cryptogram maker to try your hand at some cryptograms.  You can adjust how many and what type of letters are given to you at the start in order to change the difficulty. You can also make your own cryptogram with your own phrase (like the title of this blog entry.  I used underscores to separate the words.  Can you figure it out? )

Some pointers for solving substitution cryptograms involve thinking about letter frequency, spelling patterns, and words that are commonly placed next to each other.  For some hints, you can check out some interesting info on letter and word frequency and the most commonly used letters and words at this website.

Students spent some time in Social Studies today gathering information about their explorers onto their graphic organizers to use in their reports.  As the students begin to work on their projects, please follow the guidelines on the assignment sheet.  Please look back on them several times over the course of making the project to ensure that you do not skip a requirement or step. Thanks!


  1. Math: Decimal multiplication review worksheet.
  2. Vocabulary: Sort (Make sure to add extra words with the roots. Use a dictionary if you get stuck.)
  3. Social Studies:  Work on Social Studies project.  (Due next Monday, December 14.  Students will get one more class period to work on their projects, so plan accordingly.)
  4. Reading:  Read for 25 minutes and write 2 predictions in your reading log.

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