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December 3, 2009

Some Particulars Pertaining to Partial Quotients

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In Mathematics this week we have been doing some work with the partial quotient division algorithm.  The first time that I learned about this algorithm was just a few years ago, and I imagine many parents have probably never heard about it.  In the blog today I will spend a little time discussing it and presenting some resources to better acquaint ourselves with it.

Part of the Everyday Mathematics curriculum’s focus is to promote sense-making in computation.  While it is possible to make sense and analyze each step of the standard long division algorithm, many students encounter difficulty with those steps since they do not show visible evidence of place value.  In class we discussed reasons why the partial quotient algorithm could be important to learn and the reasons we came up with included:  it provides an alternative method for people to use if the standard algorithm is not working for them, it can work well with mental math because it focuses on breaking down larger numbers into sets of smaller friendly numbers and multiples, and there are multiple methods to solve a problem which allow people to capitalize on their own strengths with multiplication knowledge.

The first link I’ll provide goes directly to the University of Chicago website and a video slideshow you can watch that walks through the entire process.  This is a great primer for understanding the basics of the algorithm.

Second, I’ll provide you with a link to download powerpoint slideshow by Rina Iati from the South Western School District in Hanover, Pennylvania.  I think it is pretty well done and has a few more examples and practice problems.

If you still have questions about the partial quotients algorithm, feel free to drop me an email or send a note and I can take some time to walk you through it or provide you with some written materials.  While I don’t think I would use it for all my long division, I can see definite advantages to using it for mental calculations and for certain sets of numbers that I immediately recognize as multiples.

One other note.  Tomorrow, the class will be presenting a song at our monthly school assembly.  We have been doing some singing and practicing in the classroom, and if any parents have a free Friday morning, it might be fun to come check it out.

Also, tomorrow is crazy hair day.  Here is a little copy of the flyer.  Please note that all styling is expected to be done before school.  Please leave the hair products at home.  Thanks.


  1. Mathematics:  Study link pg. 81  (please show all work)
  2. Vocabulary:  Finish packet and study for quiz
  3. Reading:  Read for 25 minutes and fill out summary section in reading log.
  4. Social Studies:  Look for resources on explorer for project

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