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November 12, 2009

Cafes and Cartography

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Thank you so much to all the parents and families who were able to help with Cafe BAM last night.  We had an excellent turnout, sold all 70 of the cookbooks that we printed, and everyone had plenty of delicious home-cooked food to eat.  An especially huge thank you goes out to the organizing committee for formatting the cookbooks and transforming the hallway into a cafe with some cozy ambiance.

This week has been a little disjointed with no school on Wednesday, but we’ve still managed to get some quality work done.  We have been looking closely at the difference between it’s and its by using our reading books and each other’s writing.  In Reading, we delved a little further into working with clarification through practicing articulating specific patterns and context clues that better allow us to figure out the meaning of an unknown word.  In Writing we have been working on revising more personification poetry that will eventually accompany the wind poems on the wall outside the room.  In Math we have been classifying triangles by angles and sides, and the students finished up their triangle exploration posters yesterday.  We also had drama with Opera Piccolo again this week, and students created short pieces to present an important school related issue in their lives.  We then dissected the pieces through identifying and differentiating the plot and the theme.

In Social Studies, we delved into the fascinating world of the history of cartography.  We looked closely at maps with origins dating back to 150 AD, and through researching them and identifying similarities and differences, we were able to make inferences about the people and societies who made them.  Here are a few examples of some of the maps we looked at.  What do you see that is similar or different from our world maps today?

Ptolymey’s World Map 1482


The Cantino Map 1502


The Caverio Map 1505


Waldseemüller World Map 1507



  1. Reading:  Read for 25 minutes, complete reading log, and get it signed.
  2. Language Arts: It’s and Its practice sheet.

Mr. Weis


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