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November 2, 2009

What’s delicious, informative, and linked up?

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Mr. Weis’ page of course. It’s delicious because that’s the name of the site.  It’s informative because there is information about lots of websites and it’s sticky because I attach lots of of links to it. Delicious is a social bookmarking service that is made to catalog and share internet bookmarks.  I created my delicious page last year and used it for a few different links for students in the class, and this year I have mainly been using it to link math games. Today I’ll give a brief description of how to use my delicious page.

First of all, you need to type the address of the page into your web browser.

If you typed it in correctly (make sure to spell out mister, my brother actually has the mrweis site) then you should see something that looks like this.


Once there, the main thing that you will see is the bookmark links.  Each bookmark has a little blurb that describes the website and how it can be used.


If you look slightly to the right you will see a list of tags.  Tags are keywords that describe the website.  They may be general like language arts or math, or they may be specific like angles or etymology.  You can use these tags to get a better idea about what the website will be all about.

tags 1

tags 2

If you keep going further across the page to the right, there is another box with a list of tags that I use.  If you click on one of those tags, it will then make it so you will only see bookmarks of websites with that tag.  If you click another tag, it will further limit the bookmarks to only websites that I used both those tags on.  This allows you to slowly narrow down your search through my bookmarks.

tags 3

I’ll continue to update the delicious website this year with resources we use in class and resources I mention on this website.  Feel free to browse around the site and visit the links.  Enjoy!

In vocabulary this week, we are studying words with the prefixes mono, bi, and tri.  The words of the week are monologue, monopoly, monotony, bilingual, bisect, triathlon, trilogy, and triangle.  We have a short week, and we will be moving quickly through the packet, so make sure your child is getting all the work done each night.

In math our focus this week is on identifying and determining the values of opposite and adjacent angles, and on finding missing angle measurements inside triangles.

On Thursday we will walk over to Zellerbach Hall to see a performance of an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost.  Permission slips will be sent home tomorrow and we have a few spots for chaperons, so if you are free on Thursday from 10:15 until about 12:30 and are able to comfortably walk from BAM to Cal, let me know.


  1. Vocabulary:  Sort
  2. Math:  Finish page from class on adjacent and opposite angles, Study Link Page 59
  3. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and make predictions in the reading log.
  4. Other:  Finish any illustrations or cover art submissions for the recipe cook book.

Mr. Weis


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