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October 22, 2009

Thursday, October 21

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Today in writing, the students worked on their peer edits for their food memoirs.  They read through each other’s essays and identified strengths and areas needing improvement in both mechanics and content.  Every week or two in writing, we also focus on a specific grammar topic or mechanic.  Currently, we are working with capitalization rules.  In order to really delve deeply into the topic, we will use real text examples, collaborative investigations, and independent practice.  You may have noticed that in the past couple vocabulary tests, students have not only written sentences with the vocabulary words, but they have also had to write sentences with specific grammatical conventions.   Today, during independent reading, students searched their books for examples of different capitalization rules.  Previously this year, we focused on quotation rules and word choice with the three versions of there, their, and they’re.

In mathematics, we practiced using magnitude estimates in multiplication problems.  As we worked through Unit 2, errors in decimal placement were one of the most common mistakes.  Using a quick magnitude estimate can help to self monitor if an answer seems reasonable or not. Applying quick magnitude estimates, especially for products in multiplication problems, can greatly assist in catching errors and eliminating answers in multiple choice tests.

In non-academic news, tomorrow we will have our first assembly connected with the roll out of the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program at BAM.  Positive Behavior Support involve targeting and positively reinforcing the behaviors we want to see at BAM.  This is a departure from most common behavior systems at schools that focus predominately on reacting to negative behavior with negative consequences.  The main idea of PBS is to recognize and reward the positive behaviors that we want to see instead of just providing negative attention to students exhibiting behaviors we don’t want to see.  You can read more about PBS at the main website.


Additionally, you can watch some videos to get an idea of how PBS has been applied at other schools.  At BAM, a committee has been formed that includes parents, teachers, administrators, and school support staff.  Together, the committee, the entire staff, and the school community will work together over this year to make steps in the direction of PBS with the ultimate goal of improving the overall school climate at BAM.  This first assembly will focus on the norm Be Respectful, and several students who have exemplified the norm will be recognized.


  1. Math:  Study Link for Lesson 2.7
  2. Vocab:  Finish packet and study for test
  3. Language Arts:  Continue working on Recipe Food Memoir for the 5th Grade Cookbook
  4. Reading:  Read for 25 minutes and fill out reading log. Make sure to get the log signed!

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