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October 21, 2009

Wednesday, October 21

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This students have dubbed this week “The Week of Tests,” and thankfully we are past the halfway point.  We have been busy working on finishing up all the final assessments before the grading period ends on Friday.  Students have already completed the district math assessment and the district writing assessment.  I have greatly appreciated the dedication, effort, and work ethic displayed by the students as they have been doing the assessments.  We have just a couple more to go, including the Unit 2 math test, and a Unit 1 Social Studies test.

There were 3 important notices sent home today regarding the Marin Headlands Institute field trip.  The first was an update about the information discussed at the family meeting last week and an update on fundraising opportunities.  Please take a moment to look it over and return the fundraising volunteer sign-up on the back page.  The second notice was a brief flier about the fundraiser this weekend involving selling refreshments at the Cal parking fundraiser.  If you are able to help out with a donation or with manning the parking lot, please send back the bottom of that form.  If you can’t make it this week, there will be another opportunity on November 7.  The third notice was information about the forthcoming BAM 5th Grade Memoir Cookbook.  Each student was given a set of interview questions and a description of the assignment.   This is an important assignment that not only will help our fundraising, but that ties together some of the different curriculum we have been working with in class.  I’ll copy and paste the description here:

As our memoir unit is coming to an end, the students are each writing a Food Memoir about some memorable experience connected to food.  The topics span a range of experiences, and different students are writing about mouth-watering delicacies, unique restaurant or dining experiences, or culinary catastrophes.  In our current Social Studies unit, we are also discussing the customs, traditions and cultural practices unique to different tribes of American Indians.  Stemming from these two projects, Miss Klein and I decided to do another project, a Food Memoir Cookbook.

Students will interview a family member about a recipe that is important to them.  Students will then write up that recipe along with a short memoir.  The resulting pieces will be bound together as a compilation of recipes and memoirs from the entire 5th Grade.  The cookbook will then be sold at a Tea Party on the evening of November 12 to families from the entire school and local community.   We will use the proceeds as part of our fundraising for the Marin Headlands overnight trip.

Please take the time to help your child to complete their “Food Memoir” interview.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to share some memories with your child and to discuss traditions and customs that are important to your whole family.

The food memoir recipe and memoir is due on Monday at the latest.  If you can get it in by Friday, that would be great!

Yesterday we did our morning work by reading a short article about the recent discovery of 32 new planets by a team of European astronomers.  Here is a link to the article we read.  The students then wrote short journal pieces about the discovery.  For more information, you can go directly to the source at the European Southern Observatory’s webpage.


You can also follow the link of the picture below to get to the press release page with more detailed information on the discovery and some links to pictures and a couple videos explaining the discovery in greater detail.  Enjoy!

New Discovery


  1. Vocabulary:  Write Sentences
  2. Language Arts:  Food Memoir Recipe Interview (Due Monday)
  3. Reading:  Read for 25 minutes and fill out Summary section on Thursday’s log section.  (Students will do the clarification section tomorrow night)

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