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October 19, 2009

Para leer La Bamba se necesitan tres tipos de preguntas

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In Reading today, we began reading the short story La Bamba by the author Gary Soto.  The story comes from the book Baseball in April and Other Short Stories. As we read, we used comprehension strategies of predicting, summarizing, and questioning.  Today we also began a new activity called Pass the Question.  During the activitiy, students periodically write questions related to the text in the form of a Right There, Connect, or In Your Head question.  Right there questions have answers that can be found directly in one part of the text.  Connect questions require the reader to connect at least 2 pieces of information from the text, and In Your Head questions are thinking questions that require the reader to use information as well as their own opinion to come up with an answer.  In Pass the Question, students write questions and pass them on to each other.  When a student receives a question, it is their job to first identify what type of question it is, and then provide a clear answer.  This is meant to not only increase comprehension of the text, but to also help students to understand how to properly classify questions, and then apply that information as they come up with their answers.  By the end of this week, we will add our fourth major reading comprehension strategy of clarification.

Vocabulary this week includes four prefixes: pre-, post-, fore-, and after- The eight focus words of the week are: prepare, prefix, forethought, forefather, postpone, postdate, afterword, and afternoon.

Math this week will mostly be review and assessments including a district assessment on Tuesday and the Unit 2 assessment on Thursday.  The district assessment will cover all materials so far this year, and the Unit 2 assessment will cover decimal computation (addition, subtraction, and multiplication), rounding, and algebraic expressions with single variables.

In Writing we are continuing to work on food memoirs.  Students were busy today working on their first drafts and trying to incorporate some great sensory images, vivid literal and figurative descriptions of the food, and a cohesive plot structure with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  We had a few students share out some paragraphs from their writing and we all enjoyed listening to some wonderful compositions.  On Wednesday we will have the district writing assessment, which will be a basic memoir prompt, and by the end of next week, we will finish our memoir unit.

Have you signed up yet for your Parent/Teacher Conference?  I sent home reminders of meeting times on Friday and extra sign-up sheets today.  Please try to get forms back as soon as possible so I can do my best to accommodate everyone’s schedule.


  1. Math: Review District Study Guide Problems
  2. Vocabulary:  Complete Word Sort in weekly packet.
  3. Language Arts:  Complete at least 3 paragraphs of your Food Memoir rough draft.
  4. Reading: Read for 25 minutes and complete 2 predictions in your reading log.

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