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May 4, 2009

Nine Men, Morris, and Monday

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Welcome to a new 5 day week.  We’ve only got a few of these left, so I’m trying to squeeze in as much as possible.  Hopefully we will end the year in a strong sprint and not run out of steam when June comes around.  Today we began our puberty education classes, and I’m happy to report that the students were mature, inquisitive, positive, and respectful.  We will have 3 more classes: one on Tuesday, one on Thursday, and one of Friday.  If you have any specific questions about the content of the program you may ask your children directly about what they learned, you may ask me any specific questions about what material is covered, or you may check in with Ms. Collins to see the materials and outline of the program.

We are going to be combining subjects together for the rest of the year to try to get through them a little quicker.  One way we will do this is by integrating social studies, and specifically our work with the Revolutionary War, along with writing and reading.  I’ve got some books, plays, and writing activities that will all fit together.  Today we began researching the causes of the Revolutionary War, and we organized the information we found into a cause and effect chart.  We identified key words to let us know a cause and effect is being discussed such as because, as a result, and subsequently.  For homework tonight, students will read a short article about what colonial life was like for children and then make a chart of similarities and differences between their lives and colonial kids’ lives.  

In the article, there is a short description of a commonly played came from colonial times called Nine Man Morris.  The directions didn’t come out well on the copy, so here are a couple links to play the game online.

Here is a 2-player version:

no man morris 2

And here is a 1-player version with a computer opponent:

no man morris 1

Both versions are complete with instructions.  Enjoy!

In Mathematics, we continued our work with area and volume.  Students did some work finding the volume of different kinds of geometric solids, and then created posters with area formulas and examples of area for triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms. 

In vocabulary we began work with the roots leg, mod, biblio,  and jud.  The focus words of the week are prejudice, bibliography, legislate, allegiance, moderate, legally, delegate, and judgment.  I encourage students to look the words up on the online etymology dictionary to get a better idea of the roots.  


  1. Mathematics: Page 215 – Calculating the volume of 3-dimensional prisms.
  2. Social Studies: Colonial Kids – Read article and complete chart.
  3. Other: Vocabulary Packet – Begin work on packet.
  4. Reading: read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log.

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