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April 20, 2009

(Musically) A yellow glider is going under the sea,

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from Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, Jew Jersey.


Take a look at the above picture and think about what yellow underwater vessle it might remind you of.

Anybody thinking of another bright yellow underwater vehicle?

Perhaps this one?


As I was reading this article Sunday evening, I could not help but think about the Beatles song Yellow Submarine.  Also, as I was reading the article I could not help but think of several fifth grade science standards that fit right along with it including Chemical Science standards about solutions and salt and Earth Science standards about water and weather.  (I know it may seem rather odd that I cannot help but think of standards as I go about my daily business, but such is the life of a teacher.)

So, when I went to plan the Current Events activity for today, I thought, why not combine the catchy musicality of the Beatles with the multiple scientific principles of the article?  And thus was born the new hit song in room 202, A Yellow Glider is Going Under the Sea. (Sung to the tune of A Yellow Submarine) As we read the article we focused on several specific terms and concepts including salinity, temperature, and ocean currents. The kids did a great job helping complete a fill in the blank version of the song.

In Vocabulary news, our words of the week are all based on roots that refer to parts of the body.  Our roots are cap – head, dent/dont-teeth, corp – body, and ped/pod – feet.  Tomorrow we will go over our eight focus words of the week and students will begin work on their weekly packets.

In Mathematics we did some Test Prep review, focusing on the first set of Number Sense Standards.  To get a quick look at the entire scope of 5th Grade Math Standards as well as the frequency each type of question has shown up on the STAR test, take a look at this PDF.  I think it is a handy way to look at all the standards on one page.  You will see that the questions are pretty spread over all the standards, but in looking at the standards, you should also see that we have done a pretty good job of working our way through all the content. Students began work correcting their own tests and identifying specific areas of content that they need to review.  We will continue this review throughout the week, and by the end hopefully the students will get some quality review and also be more aware of their own strengths and stretches.

We also did a little more work with the Language Arts tests.  We continued to work through some stories and questions, categorizing the types of questions and reviewing strategies to solve each one.  One area that I have noticed a lot of questions on, especially in terms of vocabulary, is in choosing what a word means based on its root.  Although we have been working with roots all year, here are a couple sites with some games that will offer some review and probably also some work with roots we have not yet gone over.

It's Greek to Me

It’s Greek to Me: Choose your country and event (archery or discus) to play and match greek roots and word meanings in 2 different difficulties.

Latin Root Jeapordy

Root Jeopardy: Play a Quiz game where you guess words based on roots and definitions.

Book Buddy

Book Buddy: Create words from prefixes and roots and figure out which sentences they will work with.

Bingo Lingo

Bingo Lingo: This is  PDF document which includes instructions, board game cards, and playing pieces.  If I can find some time, we might play this in class, but feel free to play it with your family.


  1. Language Arts: Final Draft of Spring Break Poem
  2. Mathematics: Test Prep packet 2 – Problems 20-42
  3. Other: Finish Vocabulary Sort
  4. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink log.

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