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April 16, 2009

A very … slow … day

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One of my favorite things about teaching is that there never really is a dull moment.  There is always something new, exciting, or unexpected transpiring, and I appreciate the fact that I don’t have a lot of down time to, for instance, read through long lists of dates and names and categorize them and compare circumstances to tiny, wordy rules with far too many semi-colons from a book with incredibly thin pages.  For that very reason, I do very much appreciate lawyers.

I spent the better part of today grading papers and listening to the lawyers at the Layoff Hearings, so I’m not entirely sure how the day ended up going, but at the point when I left things had started pretty smoothly.  I did end up being called up to testify, so I’m glad I was there.  The ruling is expected to come in the first or second week of May, and from there it remains a numbers game in the state and with the Federal Stimulus money.  Nothing has really changed in terms of my prospects.  However, I’d still like to take a quick moment to thank all the parents and students who have been supportive of me through everything.  It’s still far from over, and I won’t know anything new for a long time, but I do thoroughly appreciate the nice things I have been hearing from many people.

Tomorrow BAM will have its assembly honoring Cesar Chavez.  Our class will be singing along with Ms. Wright and Ms. Thomas’ classes, and several students will read poetry that they wrote.  The assembly starts at 9:30 and shouldn’t last more than a half hour.

I’d also like to plug the BAM Open Mic Poetry Reading happening at our own Poetry Garden on Saturday.  I’ll be there and will read some of my own poetry and hope to see some students and parents reading too.  Here is the official schpeel from the flier:

The Annual Open Mic Poetry Reading is this Saturday, April 18th, from

Please come – bring your poetry to share (either yours, or another
poet’s!) and listen to selections by others. This is a wonderful
tradition, held in the Allen Ginsberg Memorial Poetry Garden at Berkeley
Arts Magnet (corner Milvia and Lincoln).

If you would like more information, contact BAM alum emeritus Steve
If you’ve never attended the poetry reading, then come this year – it is a
great time for children and adults to share poetry in the perfect setting.

The Friday News inadvertently had the previous date of April 25 – please
disregard. It is this Saturday April 18th.


  1. Mathematics: Study Links Page 203 – Coordinate Grids
  2. Social Studies:  Do one side of the Colonial Careers worksheet.
  3. Other: Vocabulary Packet – Finish Packet and prepare for the quiz tomorrow.
  4. Other: Bring back signed and completed reading and homework logs.

Mr. Weis


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