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March 30, 2009

Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning

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In school today we didn’t focus much  on Current Events and instead spent time studying about Cesar Chavez for the Cesar Chavez day of Service and Learning.  Students read the newspaper during independent reading and several students identified some articles about people who were involved in various kinds of community service. In order to learn about Cesar Chavez, we looked at a series of pictures about Cesar Chavez, read a biography, created a timeline of his life, and watched a video.  Students wrote about Chavez both before and after the activities in our class, and we reflected on what we learned and also on some questions that people still have.  Students will be working today and tomorrow on short projects to highlight Cesar Chavez’ achievements.  Each student will pick a quote by Cesar Chavez and then make either an essay, a poster, or a poem.  Students will present their projects in school on Wednesday.

Here are a few links for more information about Cesar Chavez.  You can visit the Cesar Chavez Foundation, the United Farm Workers website, or the California Department of Education.  Also, take a look at the following video for a brief overview on migrant farmworkers and the life of Cesar Chavez.

In Mathematics today we worked on division of fractions for our final topic of Unit 8.  We worked through some division problems and represented them with pictures, number sentences, and oral explanations.  We then came up with a rule to use as an algorithm to solve division problems with fractions.  Tomorrow we will briefly work through one more proof for division by fractions, and then students will begin work on presentations they will give to the class for our test review.  I will also be holding an additional study session Thursday afternoon to help prepare any students who are interested in attending.  The review session will last from 3:20 until 4:15pm and will be held inside my classroom.

Vocabulary this week will focus on the roots cred (to believe), man ( by hand), scrib/script (to write), and fac (to make).  Our focus words are prescribe, scribe, manufacture, maneuver, facilitate, facsimile, credible, and incredulous.


  1. Language Arts: Begin work on Cesar Chavez Project (Due Wednesday)
  2. Mathematics: Division with Fractions worksheet
  3. Other: Vocabulary Sort

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