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March 26, 2009

I woke up this morning, ba dum ba dump

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and was feeling kinda sad, ba dum ba dump,

sang about roots with my kids, ba dum ba dump,

and then I felt glad.


Today we started things off with a little music in the classroom.  I brought my guitar in and we sang a little number I like to call the “We’ve got the Latin roots for bene and for mal, and prefixes ante- post- blues.”  The students filled in the blanks to some song lyrics about our roots and words of the week and then sang them out as we reviewed for the vocab test.

In Mathematics news, the students worked on a sort in which they grouped different ways of expressing specific percents.  They grouped together different phrases like 1/10th of the total, 10%, and a percent you can find by moving the decimal point one place to the left.  We will use the card sheets with these phrases on them to play some games in the future as we continue to build more automaticity with our percent sense.  We have one more week of work on fractions and percents and will have our Unit 8 test next Friday.

In writing we learned a little about protagonists and antagonists and revisited our character biographies to align them better with our puppets.  Each student’s puppet will play the role of the protagonist in their play.  If you see any movies this weekend, see if you can identify protagonists and antagonists

Tomorrow, two of our Lit. Circle groups will be presenting their projects to the class.  Make sure you have checked in with your child to find out what they are doing in literature circles and when they will be doing a project.


  1. Language Arts: Lit Circles work (projects, job sheet, or summary sheet)
  2. Mathematics: Optional – Finish percents and fractions worksheet.
  3. Other: Finish Vocabulary Packet, Finish Character Bio version 2, Complete Reading Log and Homework Log
  4. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log.

Mr. Weis


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