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March 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

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We are slowly but surely making progress on all fronts.  It sure is tough to squeeze in the art time and puppets but today we were able to get in Independent Reading, Vocabulary, Reading Groups, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Puppet Work, and Instrumental Music!  That’s quite a jam-packed school day.

In vocabulary we did some final review of our main words of the week: retrospect, spectacle, prospector, perspective, import, portable, formation, and reform.  Students should all have the vocabulary packet completed by tomorrow morning and be ready to take the quiz.

In writing we began examining the structural elements of plays as compared to regular narrative stories.  We spent a bit of time talking about structure and differentiating between the story content and the structure of the writing and then read excerpts from the Russian Folktale Baba Yaga.  We completed a Venn Diagram with our primary findings indicating that the major structural differences in playwriting have to do with narration, dialogue, and stage directions.  As we finish up our puppets, we will use them as vehicles to learn more about how to convey elements of a story through those three structures.

In Social Studies we listened to a rap about the early colonies from the folks at Flocabulary.  I bought a few of their books and cds to check out and they are quite well produced.  We had some good discussion about what a colony is and then learned specifically about Jamestown and the House of Burgesses.  The same people who produced the books are also doing a weekly rap about news events.  It’s pretty impressive they are able to put a whole rap together about the news events every week.  You can check out their videos here.

Don’t forget tomorrow is BAM Jam.  I hope to see you all there.  Now I just need to take another look at that huge catalog and figure out what I want to bid on.

Also, check out the new pictures of puppets and pictures of our calabash squash design art later tonight on the flickr page.


  1. Language Arts: 2 of the Lit. Circle Groups can begin work on their final projects.  Projects will be due Thursday Next week.
  2. Mathematics: Study Links Page 185, Complete classwork pages 275-276
  3. Other: Finish Vocabulary packet and be ready to take the quiz.
  4. Reading and Homework Logs are due back tomorrow.

Mr. Weis


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