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March 9, 2009

Happy International Women’s Day

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March is Women’s History Month and Sunday was International Women’s Day.  Throughout the month I’ll be doing my best to recognize and highlight the roles and accomplishments of women within whatever subject we are studying.  To start things off, we spent our Current Events time reading an Opinion piece about women and economic recovery.  You can see the text here.  We prefaced the article with a discussion on the difference between facts and opinions and where you might find either one in the newspaper.  As we read the opinion piece we had some interesting discussion on the content while we identified specific statements as facts or opinions.

In Writing we began some character development work for our puppets and playwriting.  Students unleashed their creativity on character design as they wrote about character descriptions, backgrounds, fears, and motivations.  I spent a bunch of time this weekend working on preparations and we will be starting our puppetry work this week.

In Mathematics, we worked a little more on addition with different denominators.  We added mixed numbers into the equation and students worked step-by-step through applying QCD (quick common denominator) and LCM (lowest common multiple) strategies to find common denominators before they began the addition problems.  Here is a written tutorial on adding mixed number fractions.  If your child is feeling kind of lost with addition of mixed number fractions, I encourage you to check out the following video for a step by step breakdown of the whole process.

Also, here is a little game to play that involves adding fractions.  The first two levels are addition with a common denominator, but starting with the third level the difficulty ramps up and you’ll start seeing different denominators.  The game starts moving quick so have a pencil and paper ready or get ready to flex your mental math muscles.

Action Fraction

Action Fraction

I left a little early in the afternoon to go to an appointment so Miss Klein watched the kids for the last hour of the day after science. (Thanks!)  In Social Studies the students continued their studies of the different colonial regions with some map work and some work identifying economic trends and patterns.  We will be working on the Wiki some tomorrow.


  1. Language Arts: Lit. Circle Reading and Job Sheet
  2. Mathematics: Addition of Mixed Number fractions worksheet
  3. Other: Vivid Vocabulary worksheet, Finish Social Studies Worksheets (if not completed in class)
  4. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log

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