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March 4, 2009

L.C.M. (Laughing at Chaotic Movement, Lowest Common Multiple, Looking at Cookies Microscopically or …)

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What an interesting day we had today. We had P.E. in the classroom due to the temperamental weather and a booked up auditorium. After pushing our desks out of the way and stacking chairs, we were not left with that much room, but we were still able to stretch and play a couple games, all the while avoiding any major collisions or injuries! (A great feat I believe with a small space, hard floors and 26 big kids.) We all had an especially good laugh and lots of fun playing Ninja Tag (which wasn’t too stealthy, but got everyone moving and smiling which is what P.E. is all about).

In Language Arts we met in reading groups and I spent a little time working with a group specifically on analyzing different types of questions and looking closely at Question-Answer Relationships (right there, think and search, and in your head).  Here is a link that may be a little too much teacher talk for some of you to tolerate, but it gives some background on the different types of questions.

In Mathematics, we explored the process of identifying common multiples through the context of a frog race. Ask your kids about how they were able to determine the location at which the different size frogs were able to meet? For homework tonight, students will practice finding the Lowest Common Multiple for several groups of numbers using either multiple lists or prime factors.  Here is a little game with lowest common multiples (It also includes greatest common factor, so the student will have to look here first to see what that is).  If they are competent with factors, I’m confident that they can get the idea pretty quickly.  We will also review GCF soon.

In science (I’m sure you’ve been perplexed at the title of the blog thus far) the students  did an experiment activating yeast and looking closely at the ingredients of several different varieties of cookies.  Take a moment to ask them what they learned about yeast and some of the stuff that can be found in junk food that they may eat.


  1. Language Arts: Lit. Circle Reading and Job Sheet
  2. Mathematics: L.C.M. worksheet.
  3. Other: Vocabulary Homophone story

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