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February 24, 2009

Green Folders Ahoy

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Today all students should have come home with a green folder filled with materials for you to look at.  In an effort to better connect stray papers that are sent home with you, the parents, I am sending special green folders home every Tuesday.   Keep your eye out for a green folder with a “bring back” and “keep at home” section.   You will find an assortment of assessments, class assignments, and notices.  This week you will find a copy of a response to literature essay along with all the draft work, a social studies assignment, a set of writing goals that each student came up with for him or herself, spring picture notices, a flier about BAM Jam donations (Thanks Vicki!), and a pink letter from me about several events going on at school.  You may also find a graded literature circle project or a reading quiz in some students’ folders.  Please take a look through the folder, keep the items in the “keep at home” section, and send back the others.  I would like to have some items returned so I can add them to portfolios for each student.  Folders are expected to be returned by Thursday, so please send them back as soon as you are finished.


In vocabulary today we spent some time working with homophones.  Homophones are words that are pronounced the same, but have different meanings.  Our vocabulary words this week are made up of pairs of homophones.  For homework tonight, students will sort the words into pairs and then come up with their own list of homophones.  For more info on homophones, check out this homophone online dictionary.


  1. Language Arts: Literature Circle Groups – Reading and Job Sheet.
  2. Mathematics: page 161 – Subtracting Negatives.
  3. Other: Vocabulary Sort.
  4. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log.

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