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February 3, 2009

Fraction Attractions

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Fractions getting you down?  Here are a few links I have found that might help solidify your child’s understanding of fractions, provide practice, or add some enrichment.

Link 1:  Here is a video about converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions.  This was the most commonly missed type of problem on last friday’s quiz.


Link 2: Here is a little game to play that reinforces skills with adding fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, and simplifying fractions.  Click here to go play Splat! Click on the bug with the correct answer, but if you make a mistake it will splat all over your windshield.


Link 3: If your child enjoyed learning about the history of fractions, follow this link to do some more in depth work and problem solving with Egyptian fraction.  (This activity can be especially helpful in identifying unit fractions and will help prepare students for further work with proportional reasoning.)  Click here to test your skill with Egyptian fractions and to learn more about the Rhind Papyrus.



  1. Language Arts: Lit Circle Groups have either a job sheet to prepare for their discussion or a project to work on.
  2. Mathematics:  It All Makes Cents fraction/decimal/percent activity sheet.
  3. Other: Finish Vivid Vocabulary lists – rewrite words, add at least 3 additional words to the list with the same root.

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