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January 29, 2009

Tomorrow Will be the Cat’s Pajamas…

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if we can get some great participation on our spirit day.  (Cat’s Pajamas Mr. Weis?  What on earth do felines in sleepwear have to do with anything?  Check here to find out more about the 18th century English Tailor E.B. Katz, as well as a plethora of other cat related phrases and idioms.)

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our first school spirit day of the year.  The newly formed student council planned it to be Pajama Day.  So, just roll out of bed tomorrow and come to school in your warm PJs if you have some.  Make sure to wear or bring athletic shoes to use for dance in the afternoon, and please leave any large stuffed animals at home.

Today in school we read an excerpt from Sandra Cisneros’ book The House on Mango St.  In the excerpt, the character Esperanza muses about the origins of her name and about her family history.  Students did a quickwrite about their own names, their family histories, or about the writing in the passage that they read.  Do you have any interesting stories to tell your children about the history of their name, your name, or another family member’s name?  Have a discussion with them tonight or this weekend if you get the chance.  Tomorrow we will work on dissecting the excerpt a little and we will formulate a frame to write a formal response.  The district writing assessment will take place in the third week of February, and we are working on planning and organizing response to literature essays.

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In Mathematics we finished learning about the history of fractions.  We then jumped into using percents and we compared them with decimals and fractions.  We created a class numberline made up of monogram designs by each student along with labels of the decimal, fraction, and percent ratios of the squares that they used to create their design.  We will continue with percents for the next couple days and then will move on to work with exponents and negative integers.

In Social Studies we continued our groundwork to help build a base of prior knowledge so that we can read newspaper articles dealing with the economic crisis.  Tomorrow we will finish up this current events interlude in Social Studies, and next week we will begin our work learning about the early American Colonies and the Revolutionary War.


  1. Language Arts: Lit Circle Groups – Groups should either be reading and filling out job sheets, or they should be working on their project.  Projects for students in the Witch at Blackbird Pond group and the 13th Floor group will be due on Tuesday, February 3rd.
  2. Mathematics: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Worksheet page 107.
  3. Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log.

Mr. Weis


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