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January 14, 2009

Some very unfortunate news

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At the end of the day today, in the time period when students come back from science and pack up before they leave, a 4 Gigabyte USB Flash Drive disappeared from my desk. The flash drive belongs to Miss Klein and she had lent it to me to help her print some papers out for the upcoming Student Council. I had loaded some documents onto my computer and printed them for her, and then removed the drive and placed it next to my computer.

I keep going through my steps again, and again, trying to figure out if somehow I had picked it up myself and put it somewhere. I have spent the last hour and a half looking all around the room hoping that it would turn up somewhere. The more I look, the more the unsettling possibility creeps in that a student stole it. I place a lot of trust in all the students and have a hard time imagining anyone stealing something from me. Sure, there have been a few highlighters and scissors that aren’t turning up, but I recognize that sometimes things get misplaced, maybe accidentally mixed into a book or a backpack. I really can’t figure out how this flash drive could have disappeared accidentally. This comes after the school’s video camera was stolen prior to winter vacation and after the library’s new computers were stolen after vacation. It saddens me that any person, young or old, would steal from a school. I’m wishing and hoping that tomorrow morning the drive will reappear, or someone will come forward and reveal that it accidentally got shuffled in with some papers or a folder. I have great faith in people to do the right thing, and I expect nothing less from the students in my class.

To parents: please check through your child’s belongings tonight and see if you find a small black USB Flash Drive. The drive is of little use for students, but is full of a couple years worth of papers, articles, and educational resources that Miss Klein has stored on it.

I am willing to forgive and move on, I hope that whoever may have made a mistake is willing to come forward, or simply give the flash drive back anonymously.


  1. Language Arts: Lit Circle groups – Reading for the day and job sheet. Vocabulary – Crossword puzzle.
  2. Mathematics: Simplifying Fractions worksheet (Optional Challenge problem on back.
  3. Other: Read for 20 minutes and write in reading log.

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