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January 12, 2009

Welcome to the week

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Today in class we started out with our new vocabulary of the week.  This week’s words highlight the use of the Greek roots phono, tele, graph, and photo. As the students wrote out their words today, they discovered that some of the words had 2 different roots in them (telegraph, phonograph, telephone, etc.)  We got into a brief conversation about the difference between the terms prefix and root as the students identified the placement and use of some of the roots.

In Reading we did a Current Events activity (I think this is going to be a regular thing to do on Monday since reading groups do not read over the weekends.)  We read an article from today’s Chronicle about the weekend meetings held by BART regarding the New Year’s shooting.  We had a serious and positive discussion last week about the shooting itself, the aftermath, the protests, and student feelings about the whole matter.  It seemed helpful for students to have an outlet to express some of their feelings on the matter and ask questions about some important issues.  I was proud of how mature they all were in our discussion and of the sensitivity and respect they showed each other.  The article today helped give an update of what is going on, and we also used our reading to focus on the Literary Luminary reading comprehension job task.  As we read, students pulled out lines in the article that seemed important and inspired some kind of emotional response, whether it be confusion, anger, fear, joy, frustration, or something else.  Tonight, the students in Lit. Circle groups will fill out a Literary Luminary page on their reading.

In Math we continued our work on fractions and spent some time identifying equivalent fractions and fraction measurements and magnitudes on a ruler.  On another note, over the weekend I located a set of online activities like the one I was looking for last week.  On the web page, students are given different shapes that represent different whole values of 1.  They are then given a secondary shape and are directed to find the value of the area of that shape in relation to the given whole.  Follow this link to the main webpage, and follow the links at the top of the page to activities that get progressively more difficult.  Also, follow this link to open up a java applet with virtual pattern block manipulatives.

We continued to work on our Age of Exploration raps and some students began syncing up their lyrics to record onto an audio track using the computer.  A special thank you goes out to Tate and Carina for helping to explain some of the components and processes used for making musical tracks and recording them in the program Garageband.


  1. Language Arts: Vivid Vocabulary Worksheet, Lit Circle Groups – read the next section of your group books and fill out the Literary Luminary page.
  2. Mathematics: Fractions – Study Link Page 97
  3. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log. (This can be Lit. Circle reading)
  4. Other: Finish rough draft of New Years Resolutions writing.
  5. Other: Bring back signed copy of the Unit 4 Math test if you did not bring it back today.  (All students were given their Unit 4 test to take home on Friday and have signed by a parent or guardian.  On each test there is a notecard highlighting concept areas that were performed well and areas needing review.  Please look over the test and card and send it back signed.  Thanks!)

Mr. Weis


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