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January 6, 2009

What fraction of the day do you spend using fractions?

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Today we spent about 1/5 of our day working with the first part of our fractions unit.  When working with fractions, it is always important to identify what in the problem represents the whole.  Think about if you were asked the question: “If I gave you 1/3 of my money, how much would you have?”  The answer can change depending on how much money is included in the whole.  The difference between fractions as specific values on a number line and fractions as ratios of different sized sets can often be a difficult one to distinguish for students.  As we work through the fraction unit, please spend some time going over the homework with your children to make sure they are interpreting the questions correctly and distinguishing what the fraction represents.

In writing today we continued to develop our New Year’s Resolution Extended Metaphors.  In reading, students shared the information they got from skimming their books and created collaborative time-lines.  Tonight  students in Lit. Circle groups will be doing the illustrator job.

Vocabulary words this week are a collection of words with Greek and Latin Numeric prefixes of uni-, mono-, bi-, and tri. We will spend some time going over our six focus words tomorrow.


  1. Language Arts:  Literature Circle Groups – Read tonight’s section and do the Illustrator job page.
  2. Mathematics:Parts and Whole Fraction Practice page 91
  3. Other: Finish New Year’s Resolution Extended Metaphor Part 2, Finish Vivid Vocabulary list.
  4. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log.

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