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December 17, 2008

Are you waiting with baited breath for the vacation?

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In Language Arts students continued to work in their reading groups and used the passages they found in their books last night to guide their discussions. Tonight, some students have the Word Wizard job (identifying and clarifying vocabulary,) and other students have a Connector job (identifying text to text, text to self, and text to world connections.) Tomorrow will be our last day in reading groups before the break, so most students will have to wait with bated breath (that’s right, bated, not baited. To find out why, follow the link, and take a moment to check out the wonderful Grammarphobia Blog,) while on vacation to find out what will happen next in their books.

In Mathematics we had a review session on Unit 4 and students worked on completing a review packet. The Unit 4 test will be tomorrow and will cover: long division, solving for variables in open number sentences, division with decimals, word problems, and map scales. Make sure students are studying and practicing the types of problems in the study guide. I sent home an answer key with some explanations in case they get stuck.

We got back a couple more fliers for the brunch on Friday. I passed out some more copies of the fliers to several students who said they had lost them. Please return the flier with an rsvp and information about what type of food you can bring. As of right now, it looks like healthy drinks, utensils and sides (fruit would be a great,) are all in demand.


  1. Language Arts: Reading group work – read the assigned section in your book and do your job sheet.
  2. Language Arts: Vocabulary story or sentences with this week’s words.
  3. Mathematics: Use the study guide to study for the Unit 4 test.
  4. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and fill out pink reading log.
  5. Other: Bring back RSVP slips for Potluck Brunch on Friday.

Mr. Weis


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