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December 10, 2008

Good Wodensday to you

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Did you know that the word Wednesday has roots of its etymology that date back to the Norse god Odin?  After the Roman emperor Constantine set a 7 day calendar with names based on Roman gods, some of the names were changed by Germanic tribes.  Among those changed was Diēs Mercuriī, or Mercury’s Day, to Wodensday.  If you speak Spanish you will notice the similarity of the Roman name to Miercoles.  Many students in the class are quite enthusiastic about learning Mythology, and might be interested to check out a brief explanation of the English names for the days of the week on Encyclopedia Mythica.

Today the students continued on their Limericks and began working on illustrations while I conferenced with individual students to help with revisions.  After we finish the limericks, we will be putting the poems together in a collection, and each student will get a copy to keep.

In Mathematics, we worked through some word problems involving long division.  We rewrote problems as open number sentences with variables, created graphical representations of the problems, applied division algorithms to find solutions, and then interpreted the remainder in relation to its meaning in the actual problem.  For homework tonight, students will evaluate two more problems.  Please make sure they follow each step and show their work on an additional paper or on the back.


  1. Language Arts: Vocabulary Sentences/ Stories with 6 words from the week’s vocabulary list.  Focus on silent and sounded consonants.
  2. Mathematics: Study Link  – Division Number Stories with Remainders.
  3. Reading: Read for 20 minutes and write in Pink Reading Log.

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