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December 3, 2008

Long Division Algorithm Decisions

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Is there another way?

Happy Wednesday to everyone.

Today I spent the first part of the morning at Emerson Elementary to observe and collaborate a bit with some 5th grade teachers there. I got some wonderful new ideas that I’ll be working on putting into action and communicating to the 5th grade team here. We had a substitute come in up until recess, and I got a glowing report back from him. Thanks to all the students who did their part to help out with the routines we have in place.

In Mathematics today we applied some of the ideas and concepts we have been talking about over the past couple days to a new division algorithm. The algorithm is called the partial quotients division algorithm and can be a pretty powerful tool for making estimations, doing mental calculations, and for just doing long division. I’m sure that many adults remember horror stories from learning long division. If you know that your child has difficulty with Long Division or is prone to making little mistakes in their calculations, make sure that they spend some time getting comfortable with the partial quotients algorithm. Here is a link to a website that goes through all the algorithms in Everyday Math, and here is a direct link to a quick explanation and example of the partial quotient algorithm. Also, here is one more site I found that has examples of different algorithms and short videos showing someone doing a problem. I hope those help. I know this algorithm will be new to many parents, but it will be well worth your time to spend a few minutes to acquaint yourself with it so that you can better understand what your children are doing, talk to them about mathematics strategies, and help them when they need it.


  1. Language Arts: Vocabulary Story – Write a story with the six vocabulary words of the week ( classify, straighten, beautify, lengthen, visualize, and analyze)
  2. Mathematics: Page 77 Division – Use the partial quotients algorithm to solve the division problems. Show your work on the back of the page.
  3. Social Studies: (some students) Finish Social Studies Page: Columbus Wasn’t the First.

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