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November 4, 2008

Election Day

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I just finished my last conference and am running out the door to go vote, so I will keep it short and sweet. In vocabulary we spent some time discussing the differences between superlatives and comparatives. In reading, we worked in reciprocal teaching groups and read an article about the elusive Bigfoot. In mathematics, we got our feet wet with protractors and students made some great connections and reached some good levels of understanding about vertexes, angles and degrees.

In the afternoon we spent some time discussing the election process and exploring the rather odd workings of the electoral college. The only homework I gave tonight was for students to spend some time having a discussion with an adult about the election. Feel free to share as much or as little about your personal political opinions, but please take some time to at least have a discussion about your feelings about voting and elections. I believe it is our civic duty to pass on to young people our thoughts and experiences, both positive and negative, about how democracy is put into action in this country and how the process has personally affected us (again both in positive and negative ways.) I’d encourage students to check out multiple news sources, TV, Internet, Radio and Print to learn about the election results and get a comprehensive view of the process. Thanks!


  1. Have a discussion about voting and the election with an adult and get a signature.
  2. Read for 20 minutes and write in your pink reading log.

Mr. Weis


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